Still waiting for construction to be finished on my new store before I can move in...

SoYesterday, I spent the day with my friend Rosie. We drove south about 15 miles to Moss Landing and had a wonderful day!

First we stopped at a huge ceramic pot roadside shop with the most amazing array of beautifully painted ceramic pots for your garden, along with statues and wind chimes etc.

  • I'm in love with these colors!

Next on our list was lunch at The Haute Enchilada which was probably the best meal I've had in a year! The food was delicious and the setting was a feast of colorful artwork and nature.

I'mnot sure why my photo came out sideways...hmm, can't seem to fix it.


Such a beautiful Spring day! So much color and sunshine! Boats in the harbor... the smell of the ocean!

feeling pretty lucky to be able to live and work so close to all this beauty.